WCM-Q webinar series improves understanding of key population health challenges

Doha: The Population Health & Wellbeing series was launched to explore how evidence-based integrative and preventive approaches can promote health and address various public health issues, ranging from infectious diseases like COVID-19 and hepatitis C , lifestyle-related non-communicable diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Since the launch of the series, a total of 12 webinars have been hosted by PSI, each presented by a different expert speaker. Recent topics have included social determinants of non-communicable diseases in the Eastern Mediterranean region, presented by Dr. Hanan Abdul Rahim of Qatar University; the role of medical lifestyle in population health by Dr. James Rippe of the University of Massachusetts Medical School; WCM-Q’s experience in optimizing public health research during the COVID-19 pandemic by Dr. Sohaila Cheema of WCM-Q; and the use of big data in population health research related to hepatitis C and COVID-19 by Dr. Adeel Butt of Hamad Medical Corporation and WCM-Q. One of the highlights of the series was a presentation titled “Combating the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Perspective from Qatar” by Dr. Mohamed Bin Hamad Bin Jassim Al-Thani, Director of the Department of Public Health at the Ministry of Qatar Public Health. and Associate Professor of Population Health Sciences at WCM-Q and Qatar University.

Dr. Ravinder Mamtani, Professor of Population Health Sciences/Professor of Medicine (Center for Global Health) and Associate Dean for Population Health and Lifestyle Medicine

at WCM-Q said, “We are extremely grateful to the highly esteemed Dr Mohamed Bin Hamad Bin Jassim Al-Thani of the Ministry of Public Health for providing us with his expertise and knowledge on the excellent work that has been done in Qatar to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, which undoubtedly saved many lives. Thanks to the high caliber of our expert speakers and the excellence of their presentations, I am happy to say that our series on population health and well-being has been a huge success and continues to go from strength to strength.

Other topics covered in the series include a New York perspective on professional medical conduct, presented by Paula M. Breen of the New York State Department of Health; lessons learned from four decades of experience in medical education, by Dr. William W. Pinsky of the Commission on Education for International Medical Graduates; strategies for integrating real-world data with clinical trial data to improve decision-making, presented by Dr. Ronac Mamtani and Dr. Rebecca Hubbard, both of the University of Pennsylvania; and “The Living Gap: Bridged by Compassion” presented by Dr. David Reilly, Director of TheWEL and The Healing Shift Inquiry programs.


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Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar is a partnership between Cornell University and the Qatar Foundation. It offers a comprehensive six-year medical program leading to the Cornell University medical degree with instruction from Professors Cornell and Weill Cornell and physicians from Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), Aspetar Orthopedic and Sports Hospital Medicine, Primary Health Care Corporation, Feto Maternal Center and Sidra Medicine, who hold positions at Weill Cornell. Through its biomedical research program, WCM-Q is building a sustainable research community in Qatar while advancing basic science and clinical research. Through its Faculty of Medicine, WCM-Q seeks to provide the best possible education for medical students, to improve current and future health care, and to provide high quality health care to the people of Qatar.

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