Warrior Centric Health and HCL Technologies will develop a new digital platform.

The WCH Solution Suite™ is currently focused on the Warrior community – military veterans, active duty members, reservists, National Guard and their families. These 75 million Americans, or about 25% of the total US population, have both a disproportionate susceptibility to chronic disease and a unique culture. Nearly 90% of the warrior community, representing approximately 300 billion dollars annual health insurance costs, receive all or most of their health care in civilian settings, where providers are uniformly oblivious, untrained, and unprepared to provide that care fairly. This results in high rates of admissions and readmissions, costing facilities and payers millions of dollars every year while depriving tens of millions of Americans of the health care they deserve.

The only viable solution to this crisis lies in the ability of commercial health systems to provide comprehensive population health management to the Warrior community.

The WCH solution incorporates all the elements of population health management best practices:

  • Data analysis systems to assess, compare and track the health of the Warrior community.
  • CME/CE accredited comprehensive e-learning to enable vendors to achieve better results.
  • Outreach tools to raise awareness, reinforce compliance and amplify program effectiveness.

WCH is partnering with HCL Technologies to develop a digital platform that will facilitate the adoption of population health management.

The new WCH platform will be an innovative model for healthcare providers to optimize care for many other vulnerable populations, potentially revolutionizing the industry.

For many facilities, overstretched human resources are the biggest barrier to implementing population health management. By streamlining WCH’s suite of robust solutions into an easy-to-access, user-friendly digital platform, HCL will enable resource-strapped healthcare facilities to successfully implement it, reaping financial and operational benefits.

WCH and HCL expect the newly developed platform to rapidly penetrate U.S. healthcare markets, giving the entire Warrior community access to optimized healthcare at Warrior Centric authorized healthcare centers and the clinics that implement it.

“HCL is thrilled to partner with WCH and Microsoft on this digital transformation mission to support military families, active duty members, reservists, National Guard and their families,” said Shrikanth Shetty, Corporate Vice President and Head, Life Sciences and Healthcare at HCL Technologies. “The adoption of digital health is key to improving the consortium of care for some of America’s most vulnerable populations.”

“#HCLCloudSmart’s innovations, coupled with its leadership and scale based on Microsoft cloud products, will deliver substantial business value and accelerate adoption of WCH’s digital platform by the Warrior community,” said Kalyan Kumar, Chief Technology Officer, HCL Technologies.

Microsoft makes this possible.
As part of Microsoft for Start-Ups, WCH had access to the full suite of Microsoft developer tools, including Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. WCH’s relationship with Microsoft also makes possible the collaboration with HCL Technologies, which has been selected as the global system integrator launch partner for Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

Said Ron Steptoe, CEO and Co-Founder of Warrior Centric Health: “Leveraging the strength and capabilities of HCL and Microsoft, WCH will enable healthcare organizations to apply our healthcare methodologies and insights from population for veterans and military to their active population health and health programs. Equity initiatives—immediately.”

About Warrior Centric Health, LLC
Warrior Centric Health (WCH)® provides hospitals and healthcare systems with a revolutionary digital platform that enables them to deliver comprehensive, best-practice population health management to the vast Warrior community. It is the only fully realized population health solution of its kind. WCH is a Supplier Diversity – Certified Veteran’s Business Enterprise™, a Microsoft for start-ups® company, and a Vizient® Award-winning supplier. Please visit https://warriorcentrichealth.com or follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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