VCHA and i2i Population Health Partner to Improve Quality and Access to Care in Virginia


FRANKLIN, Tennessee., December 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – i2i Population Health is excited to announce its latest healthcare network implementation with the Virginia Healthcare Association. VCHA will leverage i2i’s PRiZiM network PHM platform to share best practices and improve care across 27 member CHCs. VCHA has signed a multi-year contract and will implement PRiZiM in 3 phases.

VCHA will use PRiZiM analytics tools to help them better serve their members as a resource to drive quality initiatives, identify areas most needed, and inform policies and best practices. PRiZiM will be used to provide real-time insight into the delivery of care across the network and help in their mission to expand access to affordable, quality care in Arkansas. They will leverage the i2i platform at the network and CSC level to help lead best practice discussions with member health centers regarding quality of care goals, and advocate on their behalf in discussions with health care providers. MCO and state agencies.

PRiZiM, i2i’s latest product extension, is designed with the entire organization in mind – from CEOs to CMOs to quality analysts. All stakeholders can access a synchronized dataset to explore, analyze and take action. The PRiZiM platform improves the view of the network, providing flexible and interactive dashboards to analyze KPIs, highlight trends, and explore cost and usage drivers.

“We are delighted to partner with VaCHA and support their efforts to improve the health of Virginia communities. VaCHA has successfully executed its mission to expand access to quality health care for Virginians for over 40 years. i2i is honored to be a trusted partner on its next population health management journey, ”said Justin l neece, chief Executive Officer.

About VCHA
VCHA supports our health centers in their mission to provide access to health care regardless of location or ability to pay. VCHA works with health centers, community leaders and partners to improve access to affordable, high-quality health care and to find solutions to expand access to care in areas that need it most. .

VCHA is an integral part of that of Virginia Health safety net which includes that of Virginia Community health centers (CHCs), not-for-profit rural health clinics, community-based primary care providers and health services providing primary care services and other similar organizations.

VCHA supports our members by providing a variety of resources to improve key areas of operations including clinical, recruiting, finance, board training, communications and advocacy.

About i2i Population health
i2i is the nation’s largest population health technology company serving the underserved safety net market with 20 years of experience in 37 states and 30 million lives. The i2i platform powers an advanced data integration and aggregation engine that publishes standardized clinical and administrative data through unique quality management and care coordination applications. Improving the performance results of quality programs is a core competence of i2i. The results are demonstrative with a large customer base in the federally licensed health centers, community hospitals, managed health plans and government market segments.

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