Thought Leader: Adult Primary Care/Chronic Disease Management, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention – [email protected]

As Assistant Professor (Clinical) and Specialty Coordinator for the Adult Gerontology-Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, Cynthera McNeill’s work at Wayne State’s College of Nursing has been dedicated to educating Detroiters – especially adolescents – about health risks and making wise decisions. She is currently a health care provider at a federally licensed health center in Detroit, serving the uninsured/lowly insured patient population. McNeill’s primary focus as a nurse practitioner has been in the area of ​​primary care and chronic disease management for adults, with an emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention. Her research interests include the use of evidence-based and culturally sensitive interventions to reduce health disparities among at-risk populations, such as African Americans and geriatric health.

“I believe my foundation gives me the perspective I need to reach members of my resilient community and gives me insight into how to overcome health barriers and disparities. Because I couldn’t have been so successful without the support of my community along the way, I feel obligated, humbled, and blessed to make a difference here. — Cynthera McNeill, [email protected], June 2017

His areas of expertise include:

  • Promoting adolescent health
  • Adult/Geriatric Health Promotion
  • Implementation of evidence-based practices
  • HIV prevention
  • Adolescent reproductive/sexual health
  • Adult-Geriatric Primary Care
  • Internal Medicine

McNeill’s current research focuses on the development and evaluation of the teen pregnancy prevention program Barbies to Birth Control (B2B): A New Approach to Sex Education and Teen Pregnancy Prevention.

See his full teacher profile here.

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