The Ministry of Public Health and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation team up with Facebook

The Ministry of Public Health and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation team up with Facebook

will launch the ‘Chat Sure’ Messenger chatbot to answer all questions about Covid-19 and keep Thais informed

The Messenger chatbot “Chat Sure” can be accessed via the Facebook page: ThaiHealth Social Marketing by สสส

On June 11, 2021, at the Ministry of Public Health, MoPH, in collaboration with Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Facebook Thailand, Hbot, International Health Policy Program and National Vaccine Institute, announced the launch of ‘Chat Sure’ Chatbot as channel for providing credible health information. related to Covid-19 and vaccines to the public via an AI-powered question-and-answer form that communicates up-to-date information and helps Thais prepare for public vaccination.

Dr Satit Pitutecha, Deputy Minister of Public Health and First Vice President of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, said: “One of the major issues arising from the current Covid-19 pandemic has been the spread of misinformation. , presented in various forms, creating public confusion. Therefore, it is heartening that Facebook, the most popular platform in the world, is joining the Ministry of Public Health, Thai Health and other related agencies to fight misinformation. By helping to develop the ‘Chat Sure’ chatbot for Messenger on the Thai Health Promotion Foundation’s page so that the public receives credible information, the initiative supports the government’s ongoing efforts to provide accurate resources for ensure the security and information of Thai people in a timely manner. »

Director of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Dr. Supreeda Adulyanon, referred to his previous development of the “People’s Guide to Covid-19 Vaccines” health data to educate the public on vaccination preparedness while developing the system. Chatbot. “The new channel will be a convenient way for people to access up-to-date information in a user-friendly format with easy-to-understand language. For the chatbot “Chat Sure”, the Thai Q&A system covers four main groups of content, including 1) up-to-date Covid-19 information; 2) Covid-19 vaccine information; 3) Health care advice and 4) Mental care advice, with answers available to over 200 questions , with the next phase expected to reach 400 questions. You can use the Chatbot ‘Chat Sure’ on Messenger through the Thai Health Facebook page from today.”

Facebook Thailand’s head of public policy, Michael Bäk, said, “Facebook has helped connect more than 2 billion people in 189 countries to the resources of public health officials, including the Ministry of Health’s Department of Disease Control. Public Health and the Thai Health Organization via its Covid-19. Information Center. With over 1.3 billion people using Messenger globally each month and over 60 million people in Thailand accessing Facebook each month, the AI-powered ‘Chat Sure’ bot will enable ThaiHealth to respond quickly and answer common questions to a wide audience, easing the burden on staff to provide accurate resources to keep Thais safe and informed.

“This highlights our growing cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health alongside the work of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation and HBot to help find new ways to support health authorities to ensure people are exposed to reliable information – reinforcing our mission to be a trusted source of information for Thai people and to be part of Thailand’s post-pandemic social and economic recovery.

Chayanith Srinark-On, CEO of Hbot, said at the launch, “We are thrilled to join in the development of this important project during the Covid-19 outbreak. It is a privilege to partner with Facebook, the world’s leading social media platform, as a solution partner to develop this project. We believe that all Thais should have access to the latest information in a fast and responsive manner so they can make the right decisions about their health and safety. That’s why Chat Sure Bot for Messenger is an important partnership for us at HBot, and we hope it will provide lasting and valuable insights within the community.

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