The cheapest loans in June.

15 Jan

The caution with which families have started to resort to loans improves credit quality and has a positive impact on bank bad debts, which decreased to 77.2 billion USD in April 2017 compared to 77.8 billion in the previous month, as well as 13% less than in November 2015, when they had reached 89 billion USD.

Brilliant growth rates of loans

Brilliant growthreates of loans

According to the analysis of the Retail Credit Observatory carried out by Cream Bank, Good Finance and Lite Bank, 2017 opened with brilliant growth rates for almost all forms of loans, with the auto and motorbike sector in the lead, which recorded an increase loan volumes of up to $ 14.1 billion, just over 79% of the total disbursed. The credit would also support most of the purchases in the retail segment: according to the data coming from the financial Findomestic in consumer electronics and large household appliances, half of the sales take place through credit.

Cream Bank, Good Finance and Lite Bank also note that Italians still use bank branches in 70% of cases as a channel to apply for a loan, but online concessions are growing more and more. An essential channel to get to find the best loan for each type of expenditure definitely Good Lender, thanks to the great variety of offers and the constant updating of the economic conditions of the funding proposed by the more than 60 affiliated institutes.

Compare online is the most effective way to find the ideal loan.

Compare online is the most effective way to find the ideal loan.

As an example, we make some simulations dated June 28 on different types of financing aimed at the purchase of consumer goods or the renovation of a property.

With the start of the great summer heat, one of the most frequent purchases is undoubtedly the air conditioner, favored by the possibility of deducting the expenses thanks to the tax bonus for the energy requalification which allows a tax discount of up to 65%. If we suppose the request by a forty year old in the province of Milan of 3,000 USD to be returned in 48 months for the installation of an air conditioning system, the absolute best solution is that offered by Findomestic.

Lite Bank Jobs offers the exact sum of 3,000 USD at 69.70 USD per month, at the fixed Tan of 5.50% and Taeg 5.64%. The online processing of opening procedures with digital signature allows you to reset the initial financing costs, while the management can take place at will online, via the web, telephone or in the agency.

Then there is someone who takes advantage of the summer holidays to renovate the house or revolutionize its appearance with a new furniture. A loan of 20,000 USD with this purpose requested by an employee of the province of Naples to be repaid in 60 months has the best proposal that of Good Lender, which with Personal Credit provides for a monthly installment of 381.56 USD per fixed Tan of 5.45 % and Taeg 5.64%. The initial costs are $ 16.00 while there are no preliminary costs. The total amount to be repaid at the end of the five years will be 22,917.71 USD.

The convenient solution

The convenient solution

For those who do not surrender to the holiday and indeed would want to do that of his dreams, banks and financial repackage ad hoc products. The most convenient solution for a 45-year-old self-employed person in the province of Milan who requires a sum of $ 5,000 to be returned in 48 months is once again Personal Credit from Good Lender. The monthly payment to be paid is 118.46 USD at the Taeg of 6.88% and fixed Tan of 6.45%. The initial costs are 16 USD and no preliminary costs must be incurred. The total to be repaid at the end of the amortization period will be $ 5,708.06.

Finally, if for this summer you have felt like a motorcycle holiday style on the road, then the best solution is to apply for a loan with Agree Bank. A 40-year-old Turin centaur who needs 10,000 USD to buy a used motor vehicle, to be returned in 60 months, will have to pay a monthly installment of 186.89 USD at the fixed Tan of 4.60% and Taeg 6.11%.

The amount disbursed is slightly lower than the one requested, 9,680 USD against initial expenses which are 320 USD. Periodic expenses and insurance costs are equal to zero. Once the request for funding has been received, Agree Bank will contact the customer by phone and email, providing all the details on the steps necessary to obtain the loan.