Rio implements health promotion measures in Pedra de Guarteba and inspects 1,777 properties

Action against dengue fever in the community of Beraque, in Piedra de Guaratiba – Fernando Silva / Rio City Council

The municipal health department of Rio de Janeiro (SMS-Rio) implemented on Thursday morning (02/24) a measure to promote health and prevent arboviruses transmitted by Aedes aegypti (Dengue, Zika virus and chikungunya) in the community of Beracoy, in Piedra de Guarteba. Physical activities, oral health and the application of the Covid-19 vaccine, as well as home visits to find and eliminate possible mosquito outbreaks, have been implemented.

In collaboration with the Sub-Prefecture of the Western District, the General Coordination of Local Primary Care and the Coordination of Environmental Health Surveillance, Health Surveillance Officers (AVS) implemented a situational educational approach in Praça do Piraquê, with supports to take into account. the suspicions of the population and an explanation on oral hygiene, anti-tobacco and the care necessary to avoid having Aedes aegypti. In addition, physical exercises were carried out for 45 students of the Carioca Academy. More than 100 people have been vaccinated against Covid-19 on site. A total of 125 professionals participated in the event.

Health surveillance officers also visited 1,777 properties and stopped 14 dengue mosquito outbreaks. Comlurb has removed material that could serve as vector breeding grounds.


  • February 24, 2022
  • Tags: Aedes aegypti Chikungunya COVID-19 dengue Rio . City Hall Rio de Janeiro City Hall Zika Health

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