QU hosts an annual health promotion event

Doha: The Public Health Department of the College of Health Sciences, QU-Health member of Qatar University (QU) held its annual health promotion event “This is Public Health” virtually on November 3 emphasizing the theme of joyful movement.

Dr. Manar Elhassan, Head of the Department of Public Health, welcomed the audience and highlighted the purpose of the event to expose attendees to the concept of joyful movement.

The event featured three esteemed keynote speakers. Dr. Emma Green, writer, editor and researcher, introduced the concept of joyful movement, which approaches physical activity with enjoyment and enjoyment, and demonstrated the scientific evidence of its importance for health and well-being.

Dr. Bryna Chrismas, Associate Professor of Exercise Science, College of Education, Qatar University, highlighted the importance of physical movement for a sustainable and healthy future for people and the planet.

Dr. Tarryn Paquet, assistant professor of architecture and urban planning at Qatar University, highlighted the role of urban design in creating environments conducive to movement. She provided international and local Qatari examples of walkable areas where people can move around, such as Katara Cultural Village.

Dr. Hanan Abdul Rahim, Dean of the CHS, spoke about the importance of paying attention to our immediate environment to support behaviors that improve health for all. She spoke about the department’s emphasis on the college campus environment and the various activities students are involved in to promote health and wellness.

The TIPH event ended with the announcement of the contest winners. First place in the photo contest went to Shaden Abunasser from the College of Health Sciences, second place went to Ruqia Alsharshani from the College of Pharmacy and third place went to Maryam Abuhaliqa from the College of Health Sciences. Aisha Lutfi Anwar Tag won the video competition, with Fatimah Abdulwahab Alshahrani in second place and Mariem Tlili in third place, all from the College of Business and Economics.

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