Population health platform Lightbeam Health Solutions acquires RPM CareSignal


Light beam health solutions, which provides a data platform for population health management, announced the acquisition of remote patient monitoring company CareSignal.

CareSignal touts a “device-less” approach to remote monitoring, using text messages and automated calls to communicate with patients about their condition and monitor their progress.

“As a member of Lightbeam, I have a strong belief that the CareSignal product and team will have the greatest possible impact, delivering clinical and financial value to the patients and healthcare organizations that stand to gain the most. Blake Marggraff, co-founder and CEO of CareSignal, said in a statement.

“On behalf of the founding team of CareSignal, we are inspired by Lightbeam’s focus on operational excellence, sustainable differentiation and value creation, as well as their deep industry expertise. We are delighted to take our combined business to the next level. “


Lightbeam is pitching the acquisition as a way to integrate remote monitoring into its platform, which could lower costs for its customers, including healthcare providers, payers and value-based employers.

“Lightbeam and CareSignal share a vision for the future of healthcare: proactive, cost-effective, data-driven care. Lightbeam continues to deliver double-digit year-over-year growth, and CareSignal will help further accelerate our mission of delivering a revolutionary approach to people and risk management, ”said Founder and CEO of Lightbeam, Pat Cline, in a statement.


Remote patient monitoring is a growing trend that aims to improve outcomes and reduce costs by keeping an eye on chronic disease patients at home, alerting them to changes in their condition. The trend has also exploited the senior care space, an important industry with an aging population that would rather age in their own place.

Last month, retail giant Best Buy took remote monitoring and senior care a step further with the the planned acquisition of Current Health. The company also chose the remote monitoring service for the elderly Critical Signal Technologies and the aging technology company GreatCall. She also has her own Lively brand of emergency response services for the elderly.

Another big company interested in the space is Amazon, which is positioning its new Alexa Together subscription service as a means of monitoring and assisting elderly family members in the home.

Other players include Connect America, which announced at the end of the summer its intention to acquire another the 100Plus remote monitoring platform and OnSky Health, which recently launched its SkyPad system last month.


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