‘Population Health’ hopes to foster health equity at UH

Juana Garcia / The Cougar

UH launched a initiative called “Population Health” with the goal of creating health equity in Houston and the state.

Led by the University’s population health officer, Bettina Beech, the program aims to address health issues by addressing areas such as diet, behaviors, the environment and the health system in its together.

“The way I like to explain it is that population health is sort of a bridge between public health and medicine,” Beech said. “It’s a way of taking the principles and sensitivities of public health, which look at large groups, the general population, but then translating them into medicine, looking at subgroups rather than individuals.”

Right now, medical professionals are looking at issues one patient at a time, according to Beech. Through this new initiative, UH hopes to examine patient panels and groups to address health issues.

Health care now needs to look at panels of patients within groups of patients, but that’s not the direction of medicine,” Beech said. “’Population health‘ is sort of a bridge between the two, with an intense focus on health equity. »

The initiative comes in response to improving the health of all populations and the hope of creating equity in health, Beech said.

“In order to really improve the health of populations, we really need changes that happen throughout our lives,” she said. “So we need healthy housing, we need accessible transportation, we need safe and equitable health care.”

The initiative will then integrate majors across UH to help achieve this goal that the initiative hopes to achieve.

“By bringing population health into all disciplines, we will train graduate architects who create healthier buildings and design healthier buildings,” Beech said. “We will have business people who keep these principles in mind when working in their industry, we will have medical graduates who better understand a population health approach and how to incorporate it into their clinical practice .

Beech hopes this initiative will have a lasting impact on the people of the city and state.

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