Persivia completes deployment of its CareSpace® Hybrid Care and Population Health platform for PMC ACO

A key deliverable for the deployment was the replication of PMC’s current Care Manager forms, integrating multiple payor data streams and streamlining their existing workflows with minimal disruption.

“CareSpace’s AI-enhanced single platform architecture enables our implementation teams to implement custom forms, data integrations and workflows very quickly without requiring new software development. PMC has an incredibly ambitious goal: risk-sharing agreements. I do not yet know of a PO in the country which has succeeded. “said Dr. Mansour khan, CEO of Persivia. “Our work with several successful deployments in the nation’s largest healthcare organizations has proven that CareSpace® is the industry-leading platform for successfully implementing such a complex strategy. “

About PMC
Situated in Flint, Michigan and at the service of Flint and surrounding communities, Professional Medical Corporation is an independent physician organization comprised of physician-owned primary care and specialty practices. As a strong network of over 450 independent physicians, PMC serves over 100,000 community members who receive Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance. PMC physicians have partnered to benefit from high performance in pay-for-performance programs, health plan contracts, process improvement and performance improvement resources, with a mission to advance health community through the provision of high quality, innovative products and high value patient care.

About Persivia Inc.
Persivia enables hospitals, practices, payers, public health agencies and EHRs to manage multiple value-based care models across all available data sets and multiple value-based care programs. Care area® provides personalized information in real time to the point of service. Our one-of-a-kind, CareSpace platform solution®, follows a patient from admission to post-acute stays and home. Powered by our Soliton® An AI engine, CareSpace integrates disjointed legacy systems to help align incentives across multiple reimbursement models. For healthcare systems and providers, we help improve care delivery, quality scores, and reduce costs through AI-powered workflows and pathways that create personalized care programs. These care programs optimize risk adjustment and limb prioritization at the point of care, both in person and virtually. Learn more at


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