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…as newly elected leaders take matters into their own hands

In a bid to close the existing gaps that militate against child survival and sometimes lead to unnecessary mortality, the Permanent Secretary of the Lagos State Ministry of Health (LSMOH), Dr. Olusegun Ogboye, has urged all members communities in Lagos to play their role effectively in order to protect children and adolescents.

He came to prominence at the Lagos State Accountability Mechanism (LASAM) Stakeholder Meeting for Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health + Nutrition (MNCAH+N) held recently in Ikeja, Lagos. According to Ogboye, represented by Dr Folashade Oludara, Director of Family Health and Nutrition at LSMOH, the meeting aimed to ensure that all stakeholders take responsibility for providing, accessing and sustaining quality health services. in Lagos State.

The highlight of the event, organized by LSMOH but co-funded by Evidence 4 Action, Development Outcomes and LSMOH, was the election of key leaders who would run the affairs of the organization. As the Permanent Secretary of LSMOH became the President of LASAM, Dr. Landry Sagbo, the Lagos State Technical Advisor to Development Outcomes was elected Co-Chair. Likewise, Vicky Uremma Onyekuru was elected secretary of LASAM. The meeting was forwarded to lead the next phase of LASAM on Maternal, Child, Newborn and Adolescent Health and Nutrition.

According to Ogboye, who said that henceforth the LASAM meeting would be held quarterly, everyone has a role to play when it comes to fulfilling the responsibility of child and adolescent survival. To that end, he cautioned against placing all of these responsibilities on the shoulders of government alone. .

“Other people who have a role to play are mothers, fathers, parents, mother-in-law, community members, among others. “We want everyone responsible for making sure the child survives to perform their duty.” He said LASAM is not just about government; everyone has the responsibility to ensure that pregnant women carry the fetus to term. Alternatively, Ogboye noted that LASAM should bring out government visibility. It’s LASAM that will speak when people won’t go out to access family planning supplies, for example. Similarly, LASAM publishes dashboards on government activities, which also helps with visibility, he added.

Along the same lines, the Lagos State Reproductive Health Coordinator, Dr. Victoria Omoera, described LASAM as a government committee aimed at improving maternal and child health. According to her, LASAM members devote their time to ensuring that mothers and babies are healthy. To achieve the goals of LASAM, routine data based on United Nations guidelines are used to track and review progress in child development. Some of the key indicators that are tracked to ensure the sustainability of child health include maternal mortality rate, under-5 growth, antenatal care coverage, exclusive breastfeeding rate, among others. “The vision is to have healthy mothers/children and reduce maternal and child mortality. She listed the key groups under LASAM as follows: Evidence Sub-Committee, Advocacy Sub-Committee and Knowledge and Information Management Committee.


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