PAHO: Member countries must take advantage of the new “One Health” policy

PAHO director encourages Dominicans to get vaccinated

PAHO is seeking support from other member countries to support its new “One Health” policy. Members are invited to promote PAHO’s new policy which has been developed to reduce the growing risk of COVID-19 outbreak in the region.

The policy emphasizes bringing together experts and officials from various sectors from different countries. Experts will then discuss major health issues in the region, which also include issues such as food security, climate change, zoonotic diseases and antimicrobial resistance. Many regional Ministers of Health have adopted this new PAHO policy.

The coordination of member countries, as well as the new policy, would mainly work to prepare health sectors and technologies and warn the region of future health tensions. These health problems in the future would arise due to the interconnection between the environment, animals and humans.

On Wednesday, October 6, while speaking at PAHO’s weekly COVID-19 digital briefing. PAHO Director Dr Carissa Etienne said the policy comes against the backdrop of an increase in pathogens that pose a potential risk to public health.

According to the statement made by Dr. Etienne said that the ecosystem is affected by the continuous change in climate. People are coming into closer contact with animals due to urbanization and the process of deforestation. There has been an increase in the potential for the spread of existing and emerging pathogens.

The director noted: “We have seen that diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans can have serious consequences. The health sector plays a key role in managing this risk, but it cannot do it alone. This is why it is crucial that pandemic plans and policies reflect the expertise and recommendations of the public health, animal health and environmental sectors.

PAHO urged everyone to come up with a smart and clear approach to the new “One Health” policy. which has been called the most effective way to protect against the health crisis which could also lead to the global pandemic

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