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Manila, Philippines – The Department of Health (DOH) is now closely monitoring passengers on inbound international flights, especially those coming from China amid fears of a new strain of coronavirus originating in the city of Wuhan.

According to the latest data, the DOH is monitoring a suspected case of the novel coronavirus.

The health ministry said it was taking precautionary measures to help curb the possible spread of the said infectious disease which could have been brought by passengers from other countries.

The Quarantine Office leads the team that screens passengers after they get off the plane.

Each passenger has to go through scanners that are installed at airports.

Those without symptoms such as high body temperature or fever will be free to go.

However, those who show signs of the disease will be detained by the staff of the BOQ so that the swab samples and the necessary interviews are carried out on them.

When the initial workup shows signs of respiratory illness, fever, cough and cold, shortness of breath, and difficulty breathing, doctors recommend hospitalization.

DOH Usec spokesperson. Rolando Enrique Domingo, the DOH will take care of the hospital treatment.

“Pagdaan nila her quarantine ngayon makikita naman sila kung mayroon signs and symptoms that kung may sign and symptoms, then they need to come to our quarantine office or clinic for a history or medical exam,” Domingo said .

The patient can only be discharged from the hospital if he is already negative on two other tests.

The DOH also reminds the public, especially those who will be traveling overseas, to always complete and submit the health declaration card that will be issued to them during the flight.

The checklist includes relevant information, such as country of origin, so that passengers can be easily traced and located, should the need arise.

The DOH will also distribute flyers to passengers to make them more aware of the novel coronavirus.

The health department will also meet with operators of airlines that have direct flights to and from Wuhan, China, as well as the Civil Aeronautics Council (CAB) and the Civil Aviation Authority of Philippines (CAAP) on measures to be taken to combat said health. problem. – (extract from Dante Amento’s report) / mbmf

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