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Veterinarians and One Health

Veterinarians play a critical role in One Health because animals both impact and are impacted by people and the environment. Whether as clinical practitioners, epidemiologists or ecology experts, veterinarians are essential to advancing One Health and protecting the health and safety of its three pillars: animals, people and the environment.

Animal health and welfare

When it comes to protecting the health and welfare of animals, no one is more committed or better equipped to handle the task than veterinarians and our teams. We don’t just care for animals when they are sick or injured. We provide preventative care and checkups that keep them healthy, work with owners to ensure they get nutritious food, help with weight management, provide behavioral advice and training, offer counseling on the selection of pets, and much more.

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Public health

From issues like food safety and security to diseases that can be transmitted between humans and animals, veterinarians have the unique knowledge and experience to address the many ways animals impact humans. Similarly, human and public health issues often affect animal health and welfare. For example, restrictions on housing animals with people during natural disasters can result in animals being abandoned.

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