NC State Launches University-Wide Global One Health Academy | Provost

Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Warwick Arden and Senior Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Academic Programs Rob Dunn officially announced today the launch of NC State’s Global One Health Academy, focusing on the health of plants, animals, biodiversity and human societies. The academy represents a university-wide, interdisciplinary effort to engage faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students in improving the health of animals, plants, biodiversity, humans and society in North Carolina and beyond.

“NC State is already a global leader in One Health, which is the idea that people’s health is linked to the health of animals, plants and biodiversity,” Arden said. “Our investment in a Global One Health Academy represents a major step forward in our commitment to advancing interdisciplinarity on campus to impact what happens in North Carolina and around the world..”

Sid Thakur, Director of the Global One Health Academy

NC State’s Global One Health Academy will be one of a handful of similar programs around the world. Even among these programs, it will be unique. The academy will build on the university’s strengths in agriculture and plant health, veterinary medicine and domestic animal health, and the health of biodiverse ecosystems and societies. human. It will also reinforce NC State’s commitment to interdisciplinary excellence and collaboration among college and unit faculty, staff, and students.

“Through the Global One Health Academy, we aim to integrate our disciplinary strengths and secure their benefits even more strongly for the people of North Carolina,” Dunn noted. “The academy will be global in that it recognizes that our local challenges and opportunities do not arise in isolation, but rather in the context of the global realities facing animals, plants, biodiversity and human societies.”

Sid Thakur, a global leader in One Health, has been named Executive Director of Global One Health Academy, starting September 1. Thakur is a professor of molecular epidemiology at the College of Veterinary Medicine and director of the college’s global health programMr.

In his new role, Thakur will be responsible for expanding NC State’s One Health research and education efforts, as well as increasing opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, with an emphasis on project-based, interdisciplinary experiences and development of evidence-based recommendations to combat current and future global threats. Research within the academy will focus on three thematic areas that respond to the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals: driving food and water solutions, tackling infectious diseases, and tackling the disparities between climate change and health. .

Previously, Thakur was associate director of the Comparative Medicine Institute at NC State and led the emerging and infectious disease research program. Prior to joining the faculty at NC State, he was an Oakridge Investigator at the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine in Maryland. He seeks to understand how antimicrobial resistance develops in “superbugs” that affect animal and human health.

Thakur has won numerous awards, including the Larry Beuchat Young Researcher Award from the International Association for Food and the Outstanding Global Engagement Award from the NC State’s Office of Global Engagement. He is a researcher on the faculty of North Carolina State University. Thakur has authored or co-authored 75 peer-reviewed publications and edited two books.

Thakur is a member of the American Society for Microbiology and the International Association for Food Protection. He received his DVM from GB Pant University and a Masters in Veterinary Public Health from the Indian Veterinary Research Institute, and his Ph.D. in Population Medicine from the North Carolina State Veterinary College.

In addition to Thakur, the academy’s leadership team would include faculty from seven colleges and later expand to represent all NC State colleges. The team will coordinate connections among the more than two hundred teachers across North Carolina State who have agreed to be part of this initiative.

It will be NC State’s third academy, joining the Data Science Academy and the Genetics and Genomics Academy. All three are housed within the Office of Interdisciplinary Academic Programs.

“These academies will work together on Global One Health and are a recognition of the value of education and research that connects the extraordinary successes of NC State disciplines to work together toward common goals,” Thakur said.

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