Luncheon: the next big question in population health: where would you put the money?


March 30, 2022

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Health Affairs is hosting a March luncheon with David Kindig, the groundbreaking population health researcher, and others for a discussion on the future of the discipline.

The field of population health management began with the idea that there is an optimal balance of investments in the multiple determinants of health (e.g. behavior, environment, socioeconomic status, medical care) in order to maximize overall health outcomes at the population level. In their recent Forefront article, Can the “fantasy equation” of population health be solved? Should it be?, David Kindig and Jean Mullahy of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, asked: Why is it so difficult to develop a so-called “fantasy equation” that could allow us to precisely define this optimal balance of investments? They described the many factors that make it so difficult to implement comprehensive population health strategies in practice and provided a roadmap that takes into account the apparent impossibility of developing such an equation.

On March 30 when Associate Health Affairs Editor Rob Lott hosted Drs. Kindig and Mullahy, as well as Sanne-Magnansenior researcher at the HealthPartners Institute and former Minnesota health commissioner, for a discussion of the Forefront article and the future of the population health field.

Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2022
Time: 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time
Venue: Online details will be shared with registrants 24 hours prior to the event

Please direct any questions to Debbie Boylan, [email protected].

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