Health Promotion Researchers’ “2021 Best of 2021 List”

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Am J Health Promot. Dec 28, 2021: 8901171211073204. doi: 10.1177/08901171211073204. Online ahead of print.


Each year, the editorial team of the American Journal of Health Promotion selects our “best of the year list” of health promotion studies from the previous year. This editorial features the Editor’s Picks Awards, Editor in Chief Awards, Michael P. O’Donnell Award, and Dorothy Nyswander Award for 2021 research and writing published in this journal. Our selection criteria include: whether the study addresses a topic of timely importance in health promotion, whether the research question is clearly stated, and whether the methodologies used are well executed; whether the article is often cited and downloaded; whether the results of the study offer a unique contribution to the literature; and whether the document is well written and pleasant to read. The 2021 laureates offered new perspectives on combating discrimination based on race or gender identity, preferred sources of information about COVID-19, and the impact of community and workplace interventions. working on healthy lifestyles. This year’s award-winning research ranges from character to culture in relation to improving well-being.

PMID:34963340 | DOI: 10.1177/08901171211073204

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