Health and Wellness Promotion seeks candidates for HealthWorks Peer Educators

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania — Penn State students with a passion for health and wellness are invited to apply to join HealthWorks, a peer education and student outreach program within the Student Affairs Unit, promotion of health and well-being. Applications for the 2020-21 academic year are accepted until Friday, February 28.

The HealthWorks program provides student volunteers with two unique opportunities to share and promote health information on campus, including individual wellness services for students, as well as outreach activities and educational workshops. Wellness services offered include educational sessions on healthy relationships, nutrition, physical activity, sleep and stress. Awareness and promotion includes facilitating workshops and organizing events on sexual health, sleep, stress and nutrition.

Current HealthWorks educator Chloe Markovich encourages students to apply.

“HealthWorks is an excellent, free resource for Penn State students to either receive valuable wellness services or gain experience in health promotion and grow their professional network,” Markovich said. “I always enjoy engaging with student organizations, sports teams and clubs and having meaningful conversations about how we as students can take better care of ourselves at all levels of health, including including physical, emotional and social.

HealthWorks is a three-semester commitment, which includes one semester of training and two semesters of service. Training for the program requires completion of a three-credit course, BBH 324, offered by the Department of Biobehavioral Health. Topics covered in the course fit into several theories, strategies, and health issues related to the college population, including sexual health, nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and stress. During the semester, weekly meetings will take place and peer educators will participate in programming and outreach activities.

HealthWorks peer educator Jesse Cruise’s experience with the program “has always been positive,” he said. During the training, he learned information that helped him strive to achieve well-being in his own life, and the information learned helped him speak to others about achieving well-being. -to be. Goals Being a HealthWorks Peer Educator means benefiting the Penn State community in a unique way.

“Many students are unaware of all of the free resources Penn State offers, so they are always amazed at the information shared in the sessions.” says Cruise.

HealthWorks activities include health education workshops, HIV testing counseling and health promotion campaigns to raise awareness on topics such as stress reduction, sustainability and body image. Current projects include healthy cooking videos, Healthy Penn State blog posts, managing social media platforms, and more.

To learn more about the HealthWorks program or to apply, visit the HealthWorks webpage.

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