Foreign Professor Position Opening a Health Promotion and Health Education Position at Department of Health Promotion and Health Education, NATIONAL TAIWAN NORMAL UNIVERSITY

College of Education
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education

Opening of a foreign professor position (English as a medium of instruction, EMI) in health promotion and health education

Openings: full-time assistant professor and above, foreign professor (English as a medium of instruction, EMI).
Job offer: A.
Areas of Specialization: Research and work experience in the following areas: health behavior, health promotion, health education, health communication, health marketing, health care industry, health management health information, gerontological health promotion

Qualifications required:
1. Ph.D. degree in area(s) of expertise, or equivalent as listed above.
2. A research or grant application file
(1) The applicant has published two publications in the last three years. (First author or corresponding author of publications in SCI, SSCI and TSSCI)
(2) The candidate has been a research project director granted by the National Science Council within the last three years.
3. The candidate professor must meet the eligibility criteria, “Qualification of Distinguished Professor” (see annex I)
4. Applicant must have the ability to teach academic subjects in English (English as the language of instruction).

Application materials:
1. Recruitment practices, learned by the school and the Department of relevant regulations.
2. Application documents (non-returnable)
(1) Application documents: curriculum vitae, autobiography.
(2) Copy of certification (including copy of ID card, doctoral degree, teaching certificate, academic report), data in triplicate.
(3) Doctoral thesis and publications over the past five years (summary in Mandarin and English), the data in triplicate.
(4) Teaching courses at current position and offering of four planned courses (with syllabus).
(5) Future research directions and contributions to the department.

The search committee will review applicants’ materials to determine if applicants meet the required qualifications. Then, applicants will be notified for an interview.


1. Application deadline: August 25, 2022 (postmarked)

2. Applications should be emailed to: [email protected]

Contact: Yen-Jung Chang (Associate Professor)

Tel: 886-2-77491733, Fax: 886-2-2363-0326, Email: [email protected]



(1) Candidates who pass the preliminary examination will be contacted by email for a secondary examination interview. Applicants who do not pass the preliminary review will not be notified and their application materials will not be returned. Those who show up for a secondary exam interview but do not show up will be considered to have dropped out.

(2) The candidate who is hired must comply with the “Faculty Evaluation Regulations of National Taiwan Normal University”

(3) The position starts in the spring semester 2023.

Appendix I: Professor Emeritus Qualification

A. Received major academic awards by domestic or foreign academic organizations within the past three years.

B. Has published an original academic thesis in journals with an impact factor >25 (such as Science, Nature, and Cell) and is the first or corresponding author of the thesis.

C. been invited to exhibit by an international arts organization; or have works collected by international arts organizations; or finished in the top three in international athletic competitions, or received major awards and performed remarkably well in any production.

D. Within the past three years, the nominee has been a nominee for the NSC Outstanding Award or ranked in the top 5% in all sub-academic areas (attach relevant certificate).

E. Over the past three years, the applicant has obtained more than an annual average (per case) of NTD 2.5 million in industry contributions through industry-academia collaboration programs.

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