EAM Dr. S Jaishankar at the 18th RIC Foreign Ministers Meeting


India at the RIC meeting: Union Foreign Minister S Jaishankar chaired the 18th Meeting of Foreign Ministers of Russia, India and China Virtually November 26, 2021.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov took part in the meeting by video conference. India took over the presidency of the RIC after the last meeting of the RIC foreign ministers in Moscow in September 2020. The presidency of the RIC will now pass to the Chinese foreign minister for next year.

Addressing the virtual meeting, EAM Jaishankar urged the ICN countries to coordinate their approaches on terrorism, radicalization and work together to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches Afghanistan without hindrance or politicization.

EAM Jaishankar at RIC Meet: Highlights

• EAM Jaishankar, addressing the meeting, said our approach to global development should be people-centered.

• He said the need of the hour is “One Earth, One Health,” adding that COVID has shown the interdependence of the interconnected world.

• The Union Minister stressed that as a longtime neighbor and partner of Afghanistan, India is concerned about recent developments in this country, in particular the suffering of the Afghan people.

• He reiterated that India supports an inclusive and representative government in Afghanistan as well as other UN resolutions 2593.

• He further stressed that the RIC countries must work together to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches the Afghan people without hindrance or politicization.

• The EAM underlined the importance for the RIC countries to coordinate their respective approaches on the threats of terrorism, radicalization and drug trafficking.

• EAM further pointed out that India has offered 50 metric tons of wheat as humanitarian aid to Afghanistan to deal with the drought situation in the country.

• He explained that Pakistan authorized the sending of humanitarian aid from India to Afghanistan via the Wagah border.


India has not recognized the Taliban government in Afghanistan and has started talks on restoring peace to the country and providing all necessary assistance to its citizens.

India had recently hosted an NSA-level meeting on Afghanistan last month and had also participated in the Moscow Dailogue on Afghanistan before.

What is the RIC? – News for UPSC / IAS

Russia-India-China (RIC) is a strategic grouping created in the late 1990s under the leadership of Yevgeny Primakov, then Minister of Foreign Affairs and Russian Prime Minister (1998-99). The grouping was created to form a platform to counteract Western hegemony.

The three member countries of the group– Russia, India and China-constitute 19 percent of the world’s geographic space and contribute nearly 33 percent of global GDP.

Why is the RIC grouping relevant today?

The RIC grouping offers the three countries the opportunity to identify and work on common interests and tensions. It allows the formation of a more egalitarian world economic order that can counterbalance American domination.

The three RIC countries also form the core of the BRICS and SCO group and therefore they can work together on how they would like to influence the world order in the times to come, through these larger platforms.


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