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Amid the stresses of college, UTA’s health promotion department reminds students that they shouldn’t have to sacrifice their well-being for education.

The department focuses on promoting the general well-being of the UTA community and provides information on sexual, social, physical and emotional health.

Alexis Washington, assistant director of health promotion, said their main goal is to make sure students know about their resources at UTA. She said health and academic success are interdependent, so having healthy students is a priority.

“Making sure you’re healthy inside and out is so important to being able to do well in the classroom,” she said. “This program raises awareness about health topics that, for some people, it may seem taboo to talk about as a family.”

The department held a DIY Thriving event on Thursday at the University Center, inviting students to learn more about the services available while creating their own “blooming kit” of wellness items, snacks and scrumptious.

They also offer volunteer opportunities where students can sign up to participate in health promotion programs and events.

“We’ve seen a few of the same students come through and hopefully as they make those connections they may want to join our team,” Washington said.

The health promotion department also provides peer health educators, who are students trained to promote healthy lifestyles to their peers and raise awareness about smoking cessation, substance use, nutrition, to sexual health and general well-being according to the Health Services website.

“There’s research that shows peer education is actually more powerful,” Washington said. “Peers want to hear from their peers, rather than instructors who can’t really relate to them, people older than them.”

Phu Tieu, a first-year biology student, said he heard about the program during his orientation and he believes the services promote a healthier way of thinking.

“It’s one thing to hire staff, but it’s another thing to hire staff who are students who would understand the current difficulties that one can have as a student,” he said. he declares.

It’s more comfortable talking to a peer than to a random stranger, said computer science graduate student Subham Kumar.

Some students are not equipped for the responsibilities of college, Tieu said. He said he thinks health services encourage them to seek help instead of internalizing problems.

Students can also book customizable presentations that cover topics such as alcohol intoxication, alcohol use, impaired driving, illegal drugs, anxiety, mental health, stress, healthy communication and many others.

“It makes everything easier,” Kumar said. “By providing the services so that students do not have to leave campus if they face health issues and problems.”


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