COPE Health Solutions Launches First Population Health Analytics and Network Management Platform Integrated with Medicare and Medicaid Reference Datasets in Partnership with CareJourney

“By combining our industry-leading data analytics platform and cloud services with data from CareJourney, ARC takes analytics and benchmarking to an unprecedented level of performance, ease and utility” , said Yomi Ajao, President of ARC and Senior Director and Chief Advisor of COPE Health Solutions. “For the first time on a single health analytics platform, providers can access detailed data for all of their assigned members in value-based Medicare programs and commercial contracts, while health plans can see this data about their own members – as well as Medicare fee – information versus service for beneficiaries outside of their award.”

Payers and providers can derive valuable and actionable insights from this information, including:

  • Evaluate, stratify and optimize network performance using internal and external benchmarking and physician performance data based on both actual enrolled/assigned/assigned members and non-compensation aligned members to the Medicare Act for all lines of business to drive network performance and growth and acquisitions.
  • Develop financial models of current and future risk-based agreements and fee-for-service activities, particularly Medicare risk programs such as Medicare Advantage, Medicare Shared Savings Program, and the new COA REACH program.
  • Compare unit costs using internal and external data to create targeted contract opportunities by contract, product, market, physician, and member level.

“We are thrilled to partner with an organization that shares our values ​​and our deep commitment to enabling success in value-based care,” said Anesh ChopraPresident of CareJourney and previously Senior Chief Technology Officer for United States. “Through our partnership, COPE Health Solutions and its ARC platform will equip healthcare organizations with an even more comprehensive suite of tools and data assets to manage growth, design networks, identify and close gaps. care and social determinants, which will result in better management of at-risk populations.”

With ARC, COPE Health Solutions offers a range of flexible, high-value solutions for payers and providers looking to succeed in risk agreements. Options include:

  • ARC Software as a Service, with customers accessing cloud-based data analysis software, custom configured with their claims data and other data sources, to perform their own analysis.
  • Data Analytics as a Service (DaaS), with clinical and data analytics experts from ARC and COPE Health Solutions, producing trend insights, identifying opportunities and outliers, and suggesting targeted initiatives to improve financial performance and care.
  • Network adequacy, analysis and development support to develop and optimize networks.
  • Co-source Managed Services Organization (MSO), a collaborative approach in which COPE Health Solutions brings:
    • CRA and DaaS
    • A integrated care management workflow platform
    • A together tool boxesstaffing models, workflows, pro forma model and VBP points of sale of contracts/best practices
    • Team of clinicians, operators and finance and actuarial experts
    • Proven Workforce Training and Recruitment Solutions to Bridge Both MSOs the roles and personnel needed to increase network panel capacity, such as physician assistants, care coordinators, and advanced navigators and practitioners (IPs and PA)

Using the MSO co-source model, COPE Health Solutions is able to quickly build or optimize the MSO infrastructure for a health plan or provider risk entity and provide on-the-ground co-management for all or part of the operation.

About COPE Health Solutions
COPE Health Solutions is a national leader in healthcare consulting, implementation and co-management in the areas of population health management, value-based care and payments, manpower and data analysis. We provide the experience, tools, services and advice health care plans and providers need to achieve their strategic goals and thrive in a complex and uncertain health care environment. Our team is driven by our passion to help transform healthcare delivery, align financial incentives to support population health management, and build the workforce needed for evidence-based care. value.

About Care Journey
CareJourney is the healthcare industry’s best source of clinically relevant performance and profile data for ACOs, healthcare systems, payers and HCIT providers, working with partners to optimize their solutions and performance lakes. internal data with high-value claims information from the expansive population Data. CareJourney’s Data-as-a-Service offering enables partners to integrate data insights into their own solutions to improve their products, technology and customer services. CareJourney’s mission is to empower individuals and organizations they trust with open, clinically relevant insights and insights in pursuit of an optimal healthcare journey.

SOURCE COPE Health Solutions

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