At the G7 summit, Prime Minister Modi defends the “one land, one health” approach to fight Covid: La Tribune India

Tribune press service
Gurugram, June 13

Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked for G7 support for India-South Africa proposal presented to the WTO for an intellectual property rights (IPR) waiver on Covid-related technologies speaking virtually at the first G7 summit outreach session on Saturday.

The prime minister hoped that the current meeting of the world’s most powerful bloc would send the message “One Earth, One Health” to the whole world while stressing the “special responsibility of democratic and transparent societies in this regard”.

All of the G-7 countries and the guest countries – Australia, India, South Korea and South Africa – in Cornwall, UK, are democracies and many of them have called on China to reveal the origin of the Covid virus.

Sources said that the prime minister’s “One Land, One Health” approach “echoed” German Chancellor Angela Merkel. His call to support the India-South Africa proposal at the WTO received strong support from Australia and other countries, they said.

The Prime Minister, who chose not to travel to Cornwall due to the second wave here, called for global unity, leadership and solidarity to prevent future pandemics and pledged support from India collective efforts to improve global health governance.

Prime Minister Modi was attending the first G7 summit outreach session on Saturday and is expected to address two more on Sunday.

Practically speaking to the ‘Building Stronger – Health’ session, the Prime Minister also spoke about the global recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and building resilience against future pandemics, a press release from the MEA said. .

He also highlighted India’s “whole of society” approach to tackling the pandemic, synergizing the efforts of all levels of government, industry and civil society. India was successful in using digital tools for contact tracing and vaccine management and was willing to share its experience and expertise with other developing countries.

The Prime Minister expressed his appreciation for the support given by the G7 and other invited countries during the recent second wave in India.

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