Assistant Professor, Health Promotion/Implementation Science, post at NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE

job description

The National University of Singapore – which is Asia’s highest ranked university – is recruiting full-time Assistant Professors for the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health (SSHSPH) for permanent/research/practice positions . For tenure-track appointments, appointees are given fixed-term contracts of up to 7 years, with the goal of obtaining tenure-track appointments at the end of that period. In addition to an attractive salary and benefits package, new faculty members may be eligible for a start-up grant to launch their independent research stream and subsidized university accommodation.

The positions are specifically for faculty who work in the Health Systems and Behavioral Sciences area of ​​SSHPH. Researchers active in one or more of the following areas of health promotion/implementation science are particularly encouraged to apply:

Health promotion

  • Research on:
    • Behavioral and communication theories/models,
    • Interventions for social, environmental and behavioral change, and
    • Evidence-based strategies and their impact on socio-behavioural, environmental and health outcomes for various populations.

  • Analysis of:
    • Population health needs using mixed methods and appropriate statistical procedures, e.g. e.g., structural equation modeling, and
    • Health systems and policies to design health promotion interventions for the general public as well as for at-risk populations.
    • Planning, implementing, evaluating and communicating sustainable and effective programs targeted at health promotion and/or disease prevention for the public.
    • Development and promotion of practices, policies and laws that will provide supportive and enabling environments for the promotion and improvement of public health.
    • Leverage structures and mobilize organizational, governmental and community resources to create supportive environments for health.

  • Implementation Science
    • Research on alleviating bottlenecks and barriers to implementation.
    • Development and optimization of strategies and implementation methods to generate sustainable improvements in health care and delivery systems.
    • Promote the systemic adoption of research findings to advance positive outcomes in clinical, organizational, or policy settings.

Job requirement


  1. Recognized PhD in a relevant discipline with a strong post-doctoral research background,
  2. Track record of publication in high-impact international peer-reviewed journals,
  3. Experienced in leading independent research studies or as a component of larger research programs,
  4. Ability to generate and maintain an independent stream of research funding,
  5. Ability to teach public health courses at undergraduate and graduate levels,
  6. Ability to work in multidisciplinary teams, and
  7. Ability to work with culturally diverse populations.

Responsibilities include:

  • Establish an independent research program through extramural funding,
  • Develop collaborative and multidisciplinary research,
  • Design and teaching of programs,
  • Supervision of postgraduate students advising, and
  • Contribute to political/community development in the area of ​​public health.

Message COVID-19

At NUS, the health and safety of our staff and students is one of our top priorities, and the COVID vaccination supports our commitment to keeping our community safe and making NUS as safe and welcoming as possible. . Many of our roles require a significant amount of physical interaction with students/staff/audience members. Even for professional roles that can be performed remotely, there will be instances where on-campus presence will be required.

As per Singapore legal requirements, unvaccinated workers will not be able to work on NUS premises from January 15, 2022. Thus job applicants will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to gain successful employment with NUS .

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