As One Insurance Group launches population health strategy

PHOENIX, 24 Feb. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Phoenix-based private insurance brokerage As One Insurance Group (“As One”) announced the launch of its already revolutionizing healthcare-industry population health strategy. As One quickly achieved benchmark status in the world of population health.

Brandon Bullock, Chief Strategy Officer of As One, said: “Over the years we have seen the number of people without access to health care decrease, the numbers are a positive sign, 10% of Americans still have no no access to care. seeks to bridge this gap. As One offers Health Navigator in addition to its proprietary sales platform that leverages electronic processing to accelerate the sales cycle.

The leading company specializes in life, health and incidental insurance and simplifies insurance for insurers, agents and customers with distinct offerings, including:

An innovative population health strategy
A proprietary sales platform and a CRM for direct electronic processing
An impressive national distribution channel
Advanced agent training and sales tools

JR Jordan, CEO of As One, said: “With the right tools at hand, our team and our agents show extraordinary courage every day in the fight to fix health insurance, a strong team working as one”.

Meet the management team

As One is led by a strong team of insurance industry professionals with over 100 years of combined experience. The management team is made up of industry leaders:

JR Jordan, Managing Director
James Jordan, Chief Revenue Officer
Brandon Bullock, Chief Strategy Officer
Brandon Diggs, Chief Technology Officer
Caterina Pontoriero, Vice President, Marketing and Branding
Ryan Sharrah, Vice President, Business Development

Cost of Healthcare in America

The cost of health care in the United States is a major factor that prevents people from getting needed care or filling prescriptions. Half of American adults said they had postponed or completely mitigated some dental or health care in the past year due to high cost. Three in 10 people also said they had not taken their necessary medications as prescribed at some point for the same reason. High health care costs disproportionately affect uninsured adults and those with lower household incomes. Larger proportions of American adults also reported difficulty affording different types of care, further delaying them and attributing to them forgoing medical care due to cost.

However, people covered by health insurance are not immune to the burden of health care expenses. Nearly half (46%) of policyholders said they had trouble paying personal expenses and 27% said they had trouble paying their deductible. Difficulty paying medical bills has had significant consequences for American families. Medical bill issues also disproportionately affect adults in households where they or a member of their household has a serious health condition.

As One Insurance knows insurance can get complicated, they are here to simplify the process. For more information on health insurance, benefits, benefits, or any other questions, visit

About As One Insurance Group

As One Insurance Group (“As One”) is a Phoenix, Arizona-based private insurance brokerage firm specializing in life, health and incidental insurance. As One aims to simplify insurance by making the process simple and honest. With transparency of product information and open communications the norm, the company offers a range of life and health insurance products paired with the tools agents and customers need to manage their needs. This includes advanced education and training, innovative technology solutions and top-notch service. In short, they work with and for agents, clients and carriers together as one. For more information, individuals are advised to visit the company’s official website.

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