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Mission: To support the well-being, growth and safety of Wisconsin’s adolescents and to promote adolescence as a unique stage in life where young people develop a sense of who they are and what they aspire to be.

Systems and Resources: The Wisconsin Adolescent Health Program aims to create systems where all young people can grow, thrive, and be healthy. We build these systems by cultivating diverse partnerships, connecting and aligning organizations and resources with common goals, and working with an anti-oppression lens.

We are focused on continuous quality improvement and recognize that this work is just beginning. In addition to building systems, we are committed to transforming those who are dysfunctional and discriminatory, to centering the voice of young people, and to building equitable and trusting partnerships with those who do this work.

Experiences and relationships: The Wisconsin Adolescent Health Program fosters healthy experiences, relationships, and communities of positive young-adult partnerships. Guided by the Positive Youth Development Framework, the program aims to create a sense of community belonging and provide unique spaces for young people to lead and learn.

Individual skills and knowledge: The Wisconsin Adolescent Health Program aims to educate young people to make healthy decisions, improve their goal-setting skills, strengthen their resilience, increase their self-efficacy, and make connections with others. supportive peers and community resources by participating in funded activities.


Learn more about adolescent health programs that support the health and wellness of Wisconsin youth.

Youth engagement is a key component of Wisconsin’s adolescent health program. Learn more about involving young people in planning and making decisions that affect them.

Teens, take charge of your health. Find out about your annual inspection report from your supplier.

  • Sexual Violence Prevention Needs Assessment Report 2018-2019, P-02445 (PDF)
  • A Teen’s Guide to a Well Visit, P-01767 (multiple languages) (PDF)
    • Español: Cómo tener un control de rutina: Una guía para los adolescentses
  • Exploring the Positive Youth Development Framework, P-01766c (PDF)
  • Family guide for a well visit, P-01766 (several languages) (PDF)
    • Español: Control de rutina del adolescente: Unia guía para las familias
  • Received money ?! Promoting Adolescent Health Through Financial Literacy, P-01766d (PDF)
  • Wisconsin Adolescent Mental Health, P-01766e (PDF)
  • Young maternity hospital in Wisconsin, P-02247 (PDF)
  • Sexual Violence Prevention: Teen Dating Violence, P-02861 (PDF)
  • Prevention of Sexual Violence: Affirmative Consent, P-02861A (PDF)
  • Sexual Violence Prevention: Blaming the Victims, P-02861B (PDF)

Almost one in five students in Wisconsin (19.9%) reported that at least once in their life, someone forced them to do sexual things they didn’t want to do (2019 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance).

To be involved! See the DHS Sexual Violence Prevention webpage for more information.

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