Adolescent health and well-being

Led by its constituency of adolescents and youth, PMNCH serves as a global platform for meaningful youth engagement, mobilizing advocates to increase political commitment and funding for multi-sector, rights-based national plans for adolescents. Our goal is to promote and implement solutions to improve the health and well-being of adolescents, providing this underserved population group with a supportive environment and creating opportunities for holistic growth.

PMNCH and its partners have issued a call to action for adolescents, which is aligned with the COVID-19 Call to Action and the PMNCH Strategy 2021-2025. To date, 12 countries have endorsed the Call to Action.

As part of this, PMNCH is galvanizing support for the three priorities outlined in the Call to Action for Teens: (1) engaging and empowering adolescents; (2) go beyond the health sector, launch a powerful multisectoral response; and (3) build political commitment and funding through a Global Forum for Adolescents. The forum will serve as an engagement milestone for progress toward policy change, program redesign, and improved financial investments related to adolescent programs and services at the country level. The forum is scheduled for October 2023, following the UN SDG Summit in September 2023.

To build momentum for the Global Teen Forum, PMNCH published a policy thought piece in The BMJ“Uniting for adolescents during COVID-19 and beyond”, co-authored by 30 high profile champions and influencers, including youth leaders, heads of state, ministers of health and international development and heads of UN agencies, showing the wide range of support for adolescent wellbeing).

The UN H6+ Technical Working Group on Adolescent Health and Wellbeing, comprising representatives from PMNCH, UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF, UN Major Group for Children and Youth, UN Women, the World Bank, the World Food Program and WHO, developed and agreed on a definition and conceptual framework for adolescent well-being which was published in the Journal of Adolescent Health in October 2020. In addition, a series of regional multi-stakeholder consultations held from June to August 2021 to explore key policy and programming issues related to promoting adolescent wellbeing. Fifteen background papers have been prepared as resources for these consultations.


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