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mHealth Webinar Resources & References

Originated by: Susan Eno Collins

Submitted: 04 Oct 2013

Last updated on: 4 Oct 2013

Related Health Topics:

Jay Bernhardt, PhD, MPH presented statistics and resources for mHealth Education at 10/3/13 webinar

The webinar gave a comprehensive overview of mHealth education including: 
  • The current evidence supporting the use of mHealth programs and interventis
  • The strengths and limitations of mHealth applications for behavior change
  • Future mHealth developments that may support health education goals
​To view the archive of the webinar, go to mHealth Education archive

References provided during the webinar

Mobile device ownership and use

Wireless at home

Device Ownership

Children and Adults with Wireless

Activities people do with cell phones

Number of SMS sent in a day

Adult smartphone ownership

Worldwide mobile phone ownership

Device ownership by gender

App use:
Use of apps: Citation 1
Use of apps: Citation 2
Use of apps: Citation 3
Use of apps: Citation 4

Smartphone features for education

HCPs as digital omnivores

Top apps used by HCPs

Global mHealth Adoption

FDA Guidance on Apps

Consumer Apps

Citations: Evidence Supporting mHealth Use
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