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5 Self-Care Tips for Self Rejuvenation

Originated by: Paty Hernandez

Submitted: 09 Dec 2014

Last updated on: 9 Dec 2014

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As 2014 draws to a close and our minds begin to prepare for another year, this is a wonderful time to reflect on your 2014 blessings whether they were many or few. This time is also important to review what has worked for you and what changes do you want to make. For 2015 think of the resolutions you want to make as lifestyle changes.

The 5 tips found below can be incorporated one by one into your life as they focus on self-care techniques and enhance each day and moment. As we live in a society that is fast paced and demanding, taking a few minutes for you each day helps rejuvenate you like a tender hug from a close friend or loved one.

Tip 1: Begin the day with a glass of water and affirmation

In the morning pour yourself a glass of water and hold it between your hands. Close your eyes and state 3 affirmations, such as “today is a beautiful day,” “ I am a loving person,” I am worthy of all the good that comes my way.” You can choose others that resonate more with you. What’s important is that to begin the day with positive outlook and taking a few moments to be present.

Tip 2: Eat slower, mindfully

With the holidays around the corner along with abundantly delicious food overeating is a common indulgence. However, by practicing mindful eating now less concern about overdoing it during the holidays will be decreased. Author Lilian Cheung identifies and explains the following 7 practices for mindful eating in this video below:

  • Honor the food
  • Engage all the senses
  • Be mindful of portion sizes
  • Chew
  • Eat slowly
  • Do not skip meals
  • Eat a plant-based diet

Tip 3: Head to Toe Wellness Guide

Dr. Andrew Weil a renowned wellness and holistic care doctor created a wellness guide, which outlines different body systems and offers practical solutions to help you bring your body back to balance. The guide is interactive and available in printable form.

Tip 4: Create goals and stick with it.

As a new year peeks around the corner stating new year resolutions is the norm, yet keeping them can be a challenge if you do not have support. You can write your goals and create a step-by-step plan to ensure it is carried out and identify supporters who can encourage you. By building a community of people who believe in your goals you will more joyfully follow through.

Tip 5: Daily Health challenge

I have recommended the daily challenge website to numerous friends and patients. The program is interactive as you choose from various health focused tracks that most resonates with you and offers daily and straightforward activities you can do anywhere. As a social program you can connect with people from around the world and even connect with friends to reinforce the daily challenge.


Incorporating applicable and easy to do activities into your daily life, which are nourishing for you and your entire health ensure that you are finding ways to balance your life and are less likely to burnout at your job. All you are able to control is your reaction to any situation that comes your way. So take a deep breath in and release all the anxiety and frustrations that are in your body that no longer serve you. Smile inwardly and outwardly as you face each moment of your day.


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